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On this page you'll find out a bit more about some of the LOCAL CHARITIES, ORGANISATIONS, other RECOMMENDED BOAT TOUR OPERATORS (ones that are as passionate about the wildlife and it's wellbeing as we are) and people that we work with.  DWUK believes in working together to report sighting and information to help everyone build an accurate picture of what's happening in the seas including- pod and population size, movements, behaviour, feeding habits and fin identification.  All working together and having one goal in the promotion of safe and respectful marine based trips and education.  After all it's easier to want to protect something that you've experienced first hand.

PLEASE REMEMBER, regardless of what company you book with, (we do hope it will be us), please consider the following in order to get an unforgettable experience:   1) Make sure the operator holds a WiSe ACCREDITATION and follows a STRICT CODE OF CONDUCT on the water.  This will ensure that the ANIMALS are APPROCHED SAFELY and RESPECTFULLY WITHOUT CAUSING DISTURBANCE and that they are able to LEAD THE INTERACTIONS.  Whilst everyone wants to be close to the animals, it shouldn't be at the detriment to them and you will get a far far better encounter this way than by chasing them around. 2) The trips are LED BY PASSIONATE AND KNOWLEDGABLE GUIDES, meet our fantastic team by clicking here.

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The UK's national training scheme for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife

The waters around the UK are home to a fantastic variety of marine wildlife, whether visible from the shore or from a boat. However, these wild animals are vulnerable to disturbance if not encountered in a manner that respects their wild nature.

The WiSe Scheme is about watching marine wildlife the wildlife-safe way.

Our aim is to promote responsible wildlife-watching, through training, accreditation and raising awareness. The WiSe Scheme is a simple modular training course aimed primarily at wildlife cruise operators, dive and service boats, yacht skippers and sea kayakers, plus people participating in coasteering, stand-up paddle boarding and wild swimming. These groups of people are most likely to come into contact with marine wildlife, as they are likely out on the water on a regular basis. We also seek to educate the general public who are keen to minimise their impact whilst out on or near the water.

Find out more: what is the WiSe Scheme?

If you are looking for a WiSe operator/guide for your next trip to the coast, see our listings of trained people, sorted by Region.  You will find Dolphin Watch UK Listed.

Forthcoming courses are listed below - see WiSe Course details.


There are currently more British red squirrels than there are grey seals. A beautiful feature of our local coastline

The Seal Project is a Grey Seal Research & Conservation Charity based in Torbay, South Devon, (Registered Charity Number 1187703). We identify and record all seal sightings, and this has now increased to include Common seals as well as Greys, in this area, adding new seals to the database and updating info on returning seals. Some seals favour certain locations and this gives us a fantastic record of their behaviour. We are keen to share our seal knowledge and therefore if your group, school or college are interested in having a seal talk - please get in touch. We have seal skeletons, Arthur & Juliette we can bring with us along with stories of well known seals. We are recognising many return visitors along with travelling ex-rescued seals from Cornwall, Dorset & even France. Our identification work is a massive part of what we do, but we also monitor disturbance issues of all marine wildlife, reporting this to the relevant authorities and groups.

Give wildlife space, Do not feed wild seals.

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A brilliant team of scientists who focus their research on the resident population of harbour porpoise found in the waters of Berry Head, Brixham

Operation Cetacean was co-founded by Laura Roberts and Stuart Collier in 2017 and is a project which focuses on the harbour porpoises and other cetaceans found in Torbay. The purpose for the project is to develop an understanding of how anthropogenic (originating in human activity) and environmental factors impact cetacean presence, behaviour and fitness.


Operation Cetacean wouldn't be possible without the group of enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate people who give up their free time to assist with this research.


Become an active member of the team! Laura is in the process of updating the application process, but for the mean time you can email her detailing your interests and any supporting information. Send your emails to!

Submit A Cetacean Sighting

If you ever see a cetacean (whale, dolphin, or porpoise) while exploring Torbay, you can let Operation Cetacean know by filling out their online form. 


MARINElife is a charity (established in 2005), that is dedicated to the conservation of marine wildlife through research and educational activities.

MARINElife is a science charity that conducts an Ocean Health Check by gathering information of key marine species so they can be better protected.  We provide relevant, robust and up-to-date information to those working for the sustainable future of our oceans.

Promoting the health of our oceans through science and education

Our oceans occupy nearly three-quarters of the Earth's surface and support a greater diversity of life than any other ecosystem on the planet and could hold the key to battling climate change.  So it is surprising that they are less understood than outer space!

We know that marine wildlife is under real and acute threat, and some species are on the verge of extinction.  Overfishing, pollution, by-catch, shipping, military activity, climate change and the unsustainable exploitation of once vast natural resources all pose growing threats to our oceans.

The key to safeguarding our marine wildlife is in evidence-based research which is the recognised foundation for conservation measures by policy makers.  Only when we understand the changes that the marine ecosystem is undergoing, and identify practical solutions, will we be able to look after it and the wildlife it contains for the future.  Check out the recommended boat Trip operators... You'll find Dolphin Watch UK listed.

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Sea Watch is a national marine environmental charity working to improve the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the seas around the U.K

By monitoring the numbers and locations of whales and dolphins we can gain valuable knowledge of the health of our marine environment and insight into the effects of chemical pollution, noise disturbance, over-fishing, accidental capture in fishing gear, and climate change.

Become a member?

As a Member you will receive a Welcome email from our Director, Dr Peter Evans, and access to the  private My Sea Watch area of the website. Benefits include our quarterly electronic magazine Sea Watcher, monthly Sightings Reports and News Bulletins. In addition My Sea Watch will be regularly updated with additional news and information about the work of Sea Watch and already includes detailed information about some of the 30 species of cetaceans found in the UK and where you could see them. Become a Member for £3.50/month or £42/year.

Check out there website at..

Take a look at their Recommended Boat Tour Operators page... You'll find Dolphin Watch UK listed


The 2 Minute Foundation is a registered charity that is devoted to cleaning up our planet 2 minutes at a time. We believe that simple, achievable acts can add up to make a great difference.
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We are environmental activists, influencers, campaigners and changemakers. We believe that simple acts can add up to make a big difference, that doing something positive is infinitely better than doing nothing, and that it is positivity, people and passion that will change our world for the better.

Our aims are to see a world without plastic litter and pollution, to inspire and enable people to change the way they interact with outdoor spaces.

Every piece of plastic that you remove from the marine environment is no longer a danger to the animals that still live there.

Every piece of litter you pick up off the street will not enter the waterways and end up in the sea.

Every item removed from the ocean will not degrade into thousands of tiny, toxic pieces of micro plastic and end up being ingested by fish or sea mammals.

Every item of plastic removed from your street, beach or park will help to improve it and improve the lives and businesses of people using it.

Every item you remove from the beach will be good for you too. Beach cleaning gets you outside, helps to keep you healthy and fit and feeling good, and enables you to take care of nature and take care of what is yours. That’s important!

Pop over to their website to see how you can get involved.



Multi award-winning wildlife & sight-seeing tours, whale & dolphin watching, snorkeling adventures, filming trips, corporate hire.

CK is a dedicated, professional wildlife guide, understanding the complex issues of filming in the natural world.  In the past, he has worked with “The Really Wild Show” and their presenter, Michaela Strachan, filming basking sharks. Furthermore, he has carried out survey work for the WDCS and the RSPB.

CK was the very first operator in the UK to endorse and sign up to the nationally accredited “WiSe” scheme, as well as being endorsed by the SeaWatch Foundation and the WDCS, ensuring sensitive interaction with all the marine mammals and birds observed during our “seafari” excursions.

​ ​

Free Spirit is CK's beautiful “Flybridge Aquabell Sports Cruiser”, with an indoor seating area with modern toilet facilities and open outdoor seating provided for all guests, so you can enjoy a truly comfortable journey as we explore the beautiful coastline in search of wildlife. Free Spirit has also recently been fitted with a brand new awning to provide extra shelter from the weather.

They are fully insured and coded as required by the MCA, and with first aid trained staff and full safety equipment on board, you can sit back and enjoy the trip as all is taken care for you.  They are licensed to carry up to twelve guests plus two crew members. Keeping parties intimate gives you more space and better chance to speak with their fantastically knowledgeable crew.

Check out the website...


Experience the wonders of South Devon’s coastline. With magnificent wildlife and stunning views, our tours provide an amazing coastal adventure.

In their safe and stable ten metre Humber RIB boat, they offer unique tours that explore the beautiful Devon coastline as never before.

Their trips provide fantastic opportunities to view an abundance of marine wildlife and incredible geological formations, whilst also providing information on our fascinating local history.

Tours depart and return from Teignmouth’s Fish Quay Pontoon (behind the New Quay Inn Pub on river side of town).

Experience the wonders of South Devon’s coastline. With magnificent wildlife and stunning views our tours produce an amazing coastal adventure .

This area of South Devon is known for its unique red sandstone cliffs, providing a stunning coastline for their boat tours, along which you will discover historic caves, quarries and impressive rock formations such as Orestone Rock and Thatcher’s Rock.

These dramatic rock faces provide the perfect home for nesting marine birds as well as nice sun-loungers for the seals!

The tours sail across Labrador Bay, Babbacombe and Torbay areas, where we are always on the lookout for dolphins, whales and porpoises.

Pop over to their website to see more about what they do and why they are one of our recommended boat tour operators.

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With over 40 years’ experience as a birdwatcher Mike’s knowledge of birds around Torbay is unparalleled. He leads walks for Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust & Sharpham Trust

Mike's walks and talks vary from general natural history walks to walks concentrating on particular bird groups or species; most cater for birdwatchers of any ability. Places are always limited – booking is essential.

Mikes uses his extensive knowledge of birds in and around South Devon to lead walks for small groups and take individuals out for full day or morning birding. He has discovered several new species for Devon, Pacific Diver, Caspian Gull, Iberian Chiffchaff, Siberian Stonechat and one new species for Britain Yelkouan Shearwater which lingered off Berry Head. He started a popular Cirl Bunting winter feeding station at Broadsands in 1998 which he still maintains. In 2014 he found the first breeding Firecrests in Devon and he still regularly monitors this rapidly increasing population.

Mike leads foreign bird tours for Wise Birding. His birdwatching walks and days out usually include all sorts of natural history and can be geared to specific requirements of an individual or small group.

Mike worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) at their headquarters in Bedfordshire, for 9 years after he left Middlesex art College in 1983. His bird illustrations can be seen on nearly every RSPB reserve, his paintings are used as identification cards, also several large murals in information centres and hides as well as the RSPB website. His work is versatile as can be seen on the various pages of this website.

A full time bird illustrator since 1992 Mike has, to date, work published in 76 books

Mikes Website is go and check it out.