The magical car-free (YES CAR FREE) island appeals not only to those who just want to unwind but also those looking for adventure. Whatever you have in mind, this naturally beautiful island – merely 3 miles by 1.5 miles in size, will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Between the coasts of England and France, and only 8 miles from Guernsey the enchanted island of Sark lies, with no cars, the freshest air and quietest, safest roads. People get around by bicycle, on foot or in the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage to discover the exciting culture and scenery Sark has to offer.

Sark doesn’t have an airport, so if your not on one of our trips but still want to check out its beauty you can travel to Sark easily by catching the boat from neighbouring Guernsey.

Wild about Sea Life

Passionate about Dolphins

Well honestly what isn't to love about the Island of SARK. Its beautifully stunning and yet harsh and sheer at the same time...What do I mean by this? Well you can sit back and enjoy the exhilaration of a crystal-clear air, at an elevation of 360ft, under a warming southern sun where sky and seas are blue from April to October.

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You can visit this enchanted island and savor the living fragrance of a past age. It is a visit you will not forget, the utter freedom from the stresses of modern living, the friendly island people, the brilliant colours of this wild and untamed landscape, magical coastal scenery, the profusion of wild flowers, one of the darkest and clearest night skies in the world (In January 2011 Sark gained the distinction of being awarded International Dark-Sky Association recognition for its exceptional quality of unpolluted darkness, and became the first functioning island community to gain this title), spectacular caves, horse drawn carriage rides, coastal walks, kayaking and sea excursions, and as much locally caught and well prepared seafood that you could ever hope to indulge in. 

When on the island make sure to pop across La Coupee a narrow isthmus which connects Big Sark to Little Sark. 3 metres wide with an 80 metre drop on either side.

While on Little Sark and if you're a hard core treckers ...why not visit the Venus Pool, a giant rockpool that is 25 feet deep that can only be seen for a short while, between the tides. 

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Then there's Sark Henge located near Point Derrible on the eastern side of the island. Sark Henge is a stone circle, hidden along the clifftops that was built in 2015 to mark the 450-year anniversary since Queen Elizabeth I granted the Fief of Sark to Helier De Carteret in 1565. The formation is made from 9 stones made from Jersey granite, one for each of Sark’s medieval territories. Each stone contains a viewing hole which lines up with an island landmark such as La Coupée, St Ouen’s and Alderney. 

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La Seigneurie, a glorious newly renovated chapel and gardens in the northerly part of the island, La Seigneurie is just waiting to be explored. Beautiful flower-strewn granite walls encase one of the most historic buildings on Sark. Nestled amongst the thriving flowers and shrubs are the inspiring fruit and vegetable gardens, showcasing what wonders you can create and use in the kitchen. There is even a maze in the gardens you can lose yourself in before entering the chapel to discover the enchanting history of Sark’s Seigneurs. 

BUT what we are here for is the wildlife...And its plentyful!!

Sark now boasts two breeding colony's (also called a loonary) of Guillemots or Brixham penguins as I like to call them, a breeding colony of Razorbills and Puffins... Puffins are plentiful and they start returning to nest on the island late March and then head back out to sea with their young in July.  There is also a plethora of other pelagic birds including Turns, Oyster Catchers, Fulmars, Shags, Cormorant's, Kittiwakes, Shearwaters, Petrels and Gannets to name just a few. 


Then there's the cetaceans, the Channel islands have a large resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins that frequent Sark's coast and can often be found between the island and Guernsey. Also found in good numbers are the Seals and Common Dolphins, which, generally, are always playful!  Risso are also seen in good numbers throughout the year along with a good few Pilot Whales generally towards Hurd's Deep in search of these on one of the days.  While we are talking whales, Minke put in regular appearances, Fin and Humpbacks are reported most years so we never know our luck!  And there's always a chance of finding White Beaked Dolphins, Sunfish and a Basking or Thresher Shark on the crossing there or back. 


Check out the photo gallery below on just some of the animals we hope to find...

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