A little glimpse into what you can expect to see out on the trips.  Some like the Common Dolphins, as the name suggests, we see regularly. Others like Risso Dolphins, White Beaked Dolphins and Minke Whales not so much, but still in enough numbers to add to our list and it makes it even more special occasion when we do.  Give the links a click to find out a bit more about each one.

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Common Dolphin

 Delphinus Delphis

These energetic dolphins are often spotted in large groups which will approach boats, bowriding and leaping alongside. At sea, they can form superpods - huge groups made up of thousands of individuals!



Bottlenose Dolphin

Tursiops Truncatus

The largest and most commonly sighted dolphin in British seas. UK bottlenose dolphins are the biggest in the world - their large size helps them cope with our chilly waters!



Lagenorhynchus Albirostris

Look out for the distinctive white beak that gives this energetic dolphin its name. Don’t be surprised to see them breach and bowride too!


White Beaked Dolphin

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Grey Seal

Halichoerus Grypus

The larger of our two UK seal species, the curious face of a grey seal bobbing in the waves is a familiar sight all around the British Isles. Catch them in profile and you'll see how they got their scientific name, Halichoerus grypus - it means hook-nosed sea pig!


Thresher Shark

Alopias Vulpinus

The thresher shark is a migratory species and passes through UK waters in the summer months. If you’re lucky, you might see this magnificent shark jump high out of the water in to the air. 



Mola Mola

The ocean sunfish is the largest bony fish on the planet and visits UK seas during the summer months to feast on jellyfish.


Basking Shark

Cetorhinus Maximus

This gentle giant is the largest shark in UK seas, reaching up to 11m in length. There's no need to fear them though, they only eat plankton!


Risso Dolphin

Grampus Griseus

Risso’s dolphins are mysterious creatures usually only found in deep, offshore waters. however we are still lucky enough to see these from time to time.


Minke Whale

Balaenoptera Acutorostrata

The UK's smallest whale, the minke whale, is notoriously inquisitive around boats and is even known to breach clear of the water. Beware though - their fragrant breath has given them the nickname Stinky Minkes!


Harbour Porpoise

Phocoena Phocoena

The smallest and most numerous UK cetacean. Listen out for the loud "chuff" as they come to the surface to breathe - giving them the nickname "Puffing Pig"!


Common Seal

Phoca Vitulina

The smaller of our two UK seal species, common seals are also known as harbour seals. Despite being called "Common", they are actually less common than grey seals!


Blue Shark

Prionace Glauca

It's easy to see where the Blue Shark got its name from. These sleek, elegant sharks have beautiful metallic blue backs which provide brilliant camouflage out in the open ocean.